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    Remodeling Your Master Bath? 3 Plumbing Updates for a High ROI

    Luxury Master Bathroom
    From new siding and windows to new floors in the living room, there are many updates you can make on your home. Of course, some updates are more valuable than others. For example, remodeling your master bathroom can be a great investment. An updated master bath can improve the appeal and function of your space and add value to your home.
    On average, a remodel of your bathroom can offer you a return on investment of 60 percent. With these updates and your plumber's help, your master bath remodel could offer an even higher return on investment.

    1. Double Sinks

    Double sinks are an important amenity for potential buyers. Therefore, if you ever sell your home, a master bathroom with a double vanity will make your home more appealing and more valuable to buyers.
    For many homeowners, going from a vanity with one sink to a double vanity with two sinks will be too overwhelming of a task to do themselves. However, your plumbing contractor will extend the pipes to bring both cold and water to your second sink. A separate pipe will also be necessary for draining water and waste from the second sink's drain.
    The type of sinks you choose will depend on your vanity design. Undermount and top-mount sinks both work for vanities with sink openings. Like the name suggests, undermount sinks are mounted underneath the vanity countertop while top-mount sinks are mounted to the top of the vanity countertop.
    Vessel sinks are also becoming popular options. These sinks sit on the vanity surface in a similar manner as a bowl would sit on a table. These sinks can add a modern feel to your bathroom.

    2. Water-Conserving Fixtures

    New plumbing fixtures are a great investment for your master bath, especially if your faucets and showerheads are old and outdated. While you should choose a new style and finish for your fixtures, opting for fixtures that conserve water will also add value to your master bathroom.
    Replace old sink and tub faucets with new models that have modern styles and finishes.
    Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures are popular because they work with most design styles and offer a classic appeal that stands the test of time. If you prefer a finish that stands out more, consider gold or a matte black finish that is becoming a hot trend in bathrooms.
    Considering standard showerheads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute, replacing this fixture with a water-conserving model will also be a great investment. According to the EPA, water-efficient showerheads certified by WaterSense will not use any more than 2.0 gallons of water.
    No matter what style or finish you choose, make sure the faucet and showerhead contain the WaterSense label to ensure you are installing the most water-efficient model possible.

    3. Shower Conversion

    Converting a tub and shower combination into one large shower is another update to consider if you want your master bath remodel to be a successful one.
    The size of an average tub is a great width for starting the design of your new shower. If you have the square footage available, you can bring the shower out into the bathroom. This makes your shower the same width as your bathtub, but much deeper and spacious.
    You will need to take other parts of your bathroom into consideration when determining if you have the extra space for a deeper shower, however.
    Plan for the shower door, too, since it will need to open out into your bathroom without hitting walls or your vanity. Your plumber will be able to install new plumbing for the showerhead and a new shower drain.
    To start remodeling your master bathroom, or for other plumbing concerns and questions, contact King Rooter today.